African Development vs African Renaissance

By Mawuna Koutonin

During the colonial period, when asked why they were going to Africa, the missionaries and colonialists would reply ‘to bring civilization to the Africans and develop the continent to be and look like Europe’.
Nowadays when you ask African leaders and officials what is their mission and purpose, they would reply ‘to develop Africa, which means to make the continent to look and be like Europe.’
If the purpose of the colonialists and the African leaders are the same, I don’t understand why we are fighting for decolonization?
If the purpose of all those is to make Africa to be and look like Europe, please let’s me tell you that I think Europeans are more qualified to do the job than Africans. It’s their model.
I don’t see the case for decolonization if it just comes to the skin color of our leaders. I don’t care about skin color here.
Why should we have to train Africans to copy European model then come back to try to implement it. I prefer the original to the copy.
Let’s put Europeans in charge of Africa development, it’ll go faster.
There is a catch.

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  1. Wow….. How shortsighted

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