Africans and their descendants should work to become owners of their companies, creators of their own jobs and employers of their people.

By Mawuna Koutonin

In the United States, over 70% of Black people work for White people.
In Europe, this number is close to 100% of Black people working for White People.
In Africa, educated Africans with a university degree are over 70% working for white people owned/
controlled companies or NGOs.

Slavery has been abolished, but majority of black people labor still go to enrich white people and their countries.
In term of wealth ownership, Africans and their descendants around the world owns less than 1.4% of global wealth, while they make over 15% of the world population (the same proportion as europeans which own close to 90% of the global wealth).

In fact, Africans were much more rich in the 15th century than today.

Regardless of the postures, big words, and external signs of wealth lavishly displayed on social medias, at the end of the day when you crunch the numbers, it’s sad to say but 9 out of 10 Black people are financially broken, and don’t possess any capital at all. Even as a whole Black people don’t even blip on the chart of global wealth.

For the little crumbles that fall from the table for our local elite, they are scared to fight for a bigger share of the global wealth, they are afraid to lose even those little crumbles, they don’ want to talk about hard topics because they don’t want to hurt the feeling of their white friends.
They have internalized their position of inferior and domestics in this world, and won’t take risk for more. They are only ready for petitions for their better treatment as domestics in other people world.

They believe like me in one humanity, universalism, but don’t see themselves as equal to others inside that one humanity, and they don’t seek to be universally respected and affluent like any other people in the world.

The “Problem is, we Africans (or at least the conscious ones) are tired of playing seconds in the world. Not that we want to remove anyone from the lofty spot as the world’s favorite victims, but we want to be our own spectacle.” said my friend Chapman Junius
As far we live under a capitalist system, our people should understand that capitalism is all about ownership and holding of capital.

Without ownership and holding, YOU ARE NOTHING, really NOTHING!
We Africans and descendants of Africans should work to become owners of our companies, creators of our own jobs and employers of our people.

Our current dependency on other people to hire or fire us is a suicidal cycle we need to break.

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