We need to organize, we need to fight back.


I just come back from a very disturbing meeting.

I met a group of teachers worriede about the infiltration of our schools by foreign agents and more seriously about their agenda.

One said, they send in PissCorps volunteers in the schools to teach English but strangely two other topics: ECM civic and moral education and sexuality.
How in the world an American would come to Africa to teach sexuality to our children.

Remember the Europeans agenda to reduce African population. So now they are targeting our children early enough to reach their goals.

Very disturbing when you see the sexual life of PissCorps here.
How in the world, an American would come to Africa to teach moral and civic education to our children. What’s the hidden agenda. Who had scripted those lessons and for what purpose?
Some foreign agents are targeting math and physics classes to spot early enough our best children and offer them scholarship to go to France or European countries.

They know that once there, 99% never look back, never return to Africa except sending remittances or going in vacations.
The best of African human resources is now in European countries, include our best scientists, engineers, sportwo/men
Like my father once said “if the white continue to come to take all our best children, and leave only, we, the stupid ones, how would we progress?”.
The war on Africa by the Europeans is real. This war is carried out by the very Europeans you see every day in Africa. They have an agenda against Africa, and we have to wake up to that reality and respond strategically.

Unfortunately, the state apparatus in our countries are still owned by the Europeans, so they could corrupt our petty bourgeoisie to get away with what ever shit they want to do here.
I’m so angry.
We need to organize, we need to fight back.
Going back to Smile Land.

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