Its great time to share books instead of beer and wisdom instead of weed

By Ramson Chidembo*

In our present age, unity seems a laughable goal to the cynical. Even the bible depicts how unity of the Babel community threatened the heavenly authority. Humanity become goal directed to the extent that God had to divide the people linguistically (Genesis 11: 1-6). United people can do anything. I wonder why Africans still find this difficult to believe. Africa has everything, she shall not want. United she will reach the mountain top. That is the reason why I keep advocating for a boaderless Africa. Our colonial masters gathered in Bernin in 1844 and agreed to fragment Africa through boarders and no African was invited to attend that conference. Look at the business friendliness of the United States or that of the European Union? Why can’t we follow suit? They divided us to enjoy their business interests and we are OK with it. Its a pity.

Yet some of our citizens continue to be Eurocentric along the whole lot of the trading course.” Africans can sit at markets with their riches like assorted African fabrics, mangoes, bananas and fish just to sulk all day calling themselves poor because they want iPads, Adidas labeled clothes and Gucci handbags. With such a mentality I bet our Africa will remain at infancy stage in every respect . Our people do not feel comfortable with doing business with their fellow Africans. Its easy for an elephant to pass through the needle eye than for Congolese to trade frankly with their neighboring Zambians for instance.

You find Zambians preferring to trade with the Chinese or Westerners who will never build but destroy.They has never been a free and fair trade between African countries and the Chinese or the French for instance.

Ask Zambia. She can explain that the Chinese are now owning farms and energy plants among other national properties in which all employees including gatemen will be ferried from China. Boarders restricts and hinders our trading opportunities.

The sons and daughters of Africa must say no to polarization of their motherland. A big “NO” to artificial boarders! Why should I need a passport to go for trading in my neighbouring Mozambique? Why should I be restricted to tour my lovely land of Burkina Faso or Gambia. We need a globalized Africa in terms of trade and business. Africans have not understood their true power and the meaning of unity yet. When Zimbabwe was sanctioned, the whole continent should have demonstrated against this act or at least the unsanctioned SADC countries could have bought Zimbabwe’s products and sell them on her behalf to sustain her economically. Instead South Africa buy Zimbabwe’ s raw products and trade them to the Westerners for personal gains. Look Zimbabweans have became a burden to Southern Africa. Zimbabwe has became a warehouse for cheap labour across the globe without even getting any credit for that.


I believe the African Youths need to unite and take matters into their own hands for mother Africa to develop.I believe that African Youth should be the dynamic agents of social, political and economic change which is necessary for mother Africa to reach her greatest heights that we desire it to be. I’m certainly sure that our motherland is richer and richer but its riches are vulnerable to manipulation due to leadership crisis alongside unfair trading deals between Africa and the outsiders. Leadership crisis continues to be the most dangerous drawback that we face in trying to develop mother Africa. Our leaders are being bribed with gold from Africa by people not from Africa. The level of idiocy is just beyond measure.Therefore we have great work ahead as the African Youths.

I’m certainly sure that we the youths should grab responsibility and stand up for Africa correcting the wrongs of our elders transforming Africa to greatness being guided by the renowned Pan African elders. I will be happy to see African youths driving Africa to one direction, making use of their diversity to come up with brilliant ideas to unite mother Africa Anyone to tell the African youths that we have great responsibility apart from smoking Malawian weed; Anyone to let them understand that being a youth goes beyond knowing the fastest car in the world or knowing the highest paid footballer; that knowing the latest mobile cellphones or following Zodwa wabantu’s Facebook page is not enough to define their usefulness in society; that wearing latest clothing brands is not related to success. Being the dynamic agents of economic and sociopolitical change, the youths remains the engines and game changers in all societal spheres, hence should grab responsibility to correct the wrongs of our elders. Let’s unite and play a role in fixing our present and future potential problems as a continent. The present and future of mother Africa is in our hands! The 21th century is the best time for African youths to desist from primitive self-shooting hostilities against fellow brethren. Our ancestors would celebrate the demise of a fellow brother, teaching the youths how best to avenge evil and passing on the culture of hatred and shallow family grudges to young Africans.

Its great time to share books instead of beer and wisdom instead of weedh. Only collectivism and unity among African youths will permanently murder African poverty, tribal violence and fruitless politics. Once we do just that, mother Africa will not go without reaching her greatest heights.Wake up Africans and learn to support each other anyhow anyway. Divided we definitely fall! May the Kings and Queens of mother Africa take it upon themselves to grab responsibility and transform Africa into a continent we desire to have.The beautiful land we love. Africa is not a continent but a country! One Africa! One Empire! One Kingdom! One Army! One Currency! One State! One Government! Federated Africa our hope!#VIVA African Youths!#VIVA Afrika *Facebook* *Page* : @ *Chidembo Ramson* *Twitter: @ ** Ramson* *Chidembo* *Email* : *ramsonchidembo@gmail.com*

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