The african middle class gets 100% of its information from those propaganda channels.


I’d forbid CNN, BBC, RFI and all the propaganda medias in Africa. PERIOD.I’d follow the Singaporian route traced by Lee Kuan Yew. If a media doesn’t have ground operations in Singapore as registered company, with local journalists, they won’t have a licence to broadcast locally, because as he said journalism is politics continued by other means.

The damage the foreign medias are doing in Africa is worst than the marginal benefit they supposedly have as information channels.For example they succeeded to convince a majority of Africans to think bad about their own leaders like Gbagbo who should be removed from Power. The same about Mugabe.

The same about Kadhafi.They distort facts. Continue the white supremacy agenda and ultimately succeed to make African happy about their colonization.Currently, the so called elite in Africa only listen to those foreign channels. The african middle class gets 100% of its information from those propaganda channels.Like a friend put it “Body in Africa, Mind in Europe” is what now characterize our people. The foreign medias succeeded to disconnect our people from their own reality.

The British government spends every year 600 millions euros on BBC World Service (the international propaganda branch of the BBC). And, every week, that World Service reaches 96 millions people in Africa, the biggest audience for the channel.Now Ask yourself, why would the British government spend 600 millions euros EVERY YEAR on informing African people?Every year France spends 273 millions euros in 3 international propaganda medias.

Again, ask yourself, why would the French government spend 273 millions euros EVERY YEAR on informing African people?Now, go to France, UK or US, and Check how they do everything to limit the influence of foreign medias on their own country.We need strong, and stubborn leaders, while being compassionated about their own people!

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