As we bid farewell to our dear brother Chadwick Boseman the lead actor of the movie black panther, it’s important to explain why the movie inspired so many Black people from around the world.


Firstly, Black panther is based on a futuristic African kingdom of Wakanda.The citizens of Wakanda are very proud people who embrace their cultural identity. Perhaps because they were never colonized

Secondly, Wakanda appears to be the most powerful civilization on earth. Their technological advancement and science-based culture are unmatched. This makes the king of Wakanda the most powerful ruler in the world.

Though Wakanda is fictional, the storyline mirrors the true history of many African civilizations in antiquity. Especially ancient Kemet and Kush.

The kings of Wakanda would be likened to the Kushite-Kemetic Pharoahs who ruled the world from the Nile valley for 3000 years, and their remarkable contributions to science, philosophy and art.

Most Interestingly, the fight between T’challa and Kill monger is a well documented story in classical African cosmology. It was about the battle between SET and OSIRIS (or Good vs Evil)

The temporary victory of SET ( kill Monger) brought chaos into the world. Fortunately, OSIRIS ( or T’challa) resurrected through his son Heru and defeated the evil one. The victory of T’challa over his brother therefore signifies the perpetual victory of good over evil.

Another noticeable characters in the movie are the DORA MILAJE, the female warriors of Wakanda. They are actually based on real female warriors of 19th century kingdom of Dahomey in west Africa.

Everything in Black panther movie speaks to African glory and her varnished civilizations through time. Moreover the movie inspired most young people to see the future and what is possible.

Rise in power Chadwick Boseman 👊🏿

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