Is “Man and Woman” equal?

The war of the sexes was the creation of religion to bring unnecessary conflict and confusion among equals.

BY Somatoba Joshua


“So God created Man in his own image, in the image of God created he Him; male and female created he THEM” (Gen 1:27).

It will never cease to amaze me how Christians and other spirituality people came up with their “spirit” humans. It will also continue to be an intriguing thing to active and thinking brains that one individual called God just created all us as he willed. Let’s leave that for now. To the main issue, Eve wasn’t an afterthought the way creationists have been trying to make us believe. Even the bible confirmed that we both came from the same seed at the same time. Both humans emerged at the same time like other male and female bodies elsewhere. The female too was called Man or the womb man. It’s Man, “know thyself.” No woman came out of your rib, you were both earthly bodies of the same kind with the woman. Stop deceiving yourself about being superior to any woman, “For we dare not class ourselves or compare ourselves with those who commend themselves. But they, measuring themselves by themselves, and comparing themselves among themselves, are not wise” (2Co 10:12).

The war of the sexes was the creation of religion to bring unnecessary conflict and confusion among equals. Humans are humans. Man is Man and the Woman is Woman. None is inferior to the other. The closed bible account says ‘Eve was taken out of Adam before she had life.’ No. That’s wasn’t the correct account of the book. Fast forwarded, it takes the male and female sperm and eggs to make babies. Think. Can you see something? There are no differences between human lives based on ranking or worth and value, but simply by body makeups. Both are double-breasted beings. Hormonal differences accounts for the breast of one being bigger than the other. Man, the male and female is about the equity of one life. There’s no inequality in oneness as no life started before the other. Stop making comparisons. There’s none. All human beings are one of the same bodily life. They are only performing different functions according to individual strengths and abilities. But in the big picture, all lives started as one life, will continue to remain one life, and will always be one life. You can only be superior to yourself, not to another. Eve was the female Man in Genesis 1. Genesis 2 was an afterthought account of creation or a crescendo! The creation story came dead on arrival. People believed it, they didn’t think about it.

Please note: I am not a creationist. I only relied on the closed bible to reveal the truth that’s in the same book. Though not written to us or for us, it’s in our faces every moment, whether we liked it or not. I am an existential being by the testimony of the God who I Am in Me. I am the only God in my space so are you. Any version of creation story in the closed bible is obsolete and has been rendered useless by the same expired bible, “Here, we are male and female not male first and female later: for we are all One in humanity. Eve wasn’t an afterthought creation, we’re one body of earthly life.”

The first of every kind of life were the seeds of their own flesh. Once they’re female and male versions, birth starts taking place. As the Earth is suitable so are things being produced some from cells, eggs or seeds. Anywhere you find a body of water, with time you would find fish inside because water is suitable for such life to emerge. Without a solid Earth human life wont have happened. If all the Earth were water, heat or fire human life wouldn’t have happened. Mercury is a Planet with space but seeds can’t survive in it. We individually began life as humans and will end up that way. Everything else in the middle were either inherited or created by us.

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