The All is the Mind And the All is Love

Everything we do is meaningful. Our every deed, every word we speak, even a single thought we think, has an effect that reverberates throughout all the worlds and through the whole of history.

That everything that happens in God’s world, from the toppling of an empire to a leaf’s turning in the wind in a distant forest, is for a purpose, specifically guided and directed by the Almighty a purpose that contributes towards the overall purpose of creation.

That our simple faith, our simple commitment to do good, is more precious in God’s eyes than all the genius of the scholar and all the spirituality of the mystic.

That God is everywhere and in every thing, meaning that in essence there is only goodness; evil, suffering and despair are but veils behind which He hides to prompt us to rip them away in our quest for Him.

That life is joyous, and we can live it joyously in every situation, under all and any circumstances. That God loves us, each and every one of us, as if he or she were His only child.

That the truest way to love God is to love each and every one of His children. When we look into our own souls, we know all this to be true. But the life of the human being is often not oriented to look into its own soul. That is why we need teachers not so much to tell us what we don’t know but to show us what we already know.

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