I HATE the snaky language of the people behind profit making businesses, hiding motives under humanitarian posture.


China lifted 800 millions people out of poverty during the last 30 years without all the mambo-jambo falseness and posture of the humanitarians and NGOs.
It’s the biggest and the fattest reduction of poverty ever in history of humanity. Even in Africa, reduction of poverty is a derivative of the Chinese growth, not any NGOs work.
The failure of the NGOs’ model plagued with criminality and huge corruption, led recently to the creation of another model called social business or social entrepreneurship, which is a kind of doing business but with the humanitarian mambo jumbo of caring about the poor.
If it’s business, it’s for profit. (not need to hide behind some humanitarian language).
Anyone who has been in any successful business knows how profit-making acts like a drug on the mind, and creates addiction for entrepreneurs to the point it alters their perception of the world and people.
Only few men and women succeeded to expect that drama and escaped it!
I instantly doubt the intention of anyone abusing humanitarian language to push private interests.
I HATE the snaky language of the people behind profit making businesses, hiding motives under humanitarian posture.
I’m african, and I have to tell you, we have enough of those people using our images for their filthy agenda. We call them the “Lords of Poverty”. There is a book with the same title.
Business is for profit. period.
What you do with the profit depends on your morality or ethics.
It seems to me that the humanitarian film on business is either a cheap marketing tactic or a sincere uneasiness any successful business man feels the first time lot money starts coming in.
from where I see it, just do business and make profit. Distribute the profit with your investors, employees and clients in ways that make sense to you, ideally in proportion that preserve social bonds.
No need of pushing the horn of ending poverty while doing business, unless it’s a clever way to use poor people image for cheap or convenient marketing!
“Africans are probably the only people on earth who are convinced that their oppressor will genuinely give them tools to liberate themselves.” @geno_brown

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