Chad builds a new mega solar Project for rural development.

To many Chadian experts in Energy, the launch of this ambitious solar project is a courageous step towards the fulfilment of the SDG7.

By Bachar Moustapha Batrane

Last month, the Minister of state, Minister Secretary General of the Presidency of Chad has proceeded in Kalam-Kalam, locality near N’Djamena to launch the Solar Energy Project for Rural Development in Chad. The Minister of State laid the foundation stone for the construction of a solar Photovoltaic Plant.

The Photovoltaic Plant Project is the first of its kind in the republic of Chad. It’s also the first source of totally clean Energy in Chad. Through this project, 8 400 household and 571 Public Service Centers in Chad will be connected directly to the national Grid.
According to the Presidency, the pilot phase launched on Wednesday will consist on the construction of a solar field will all necessary equipment in addition to a high voltage line of 82 Km.
In her address, the Minister of Energy Ramatou Mahamat Houtoin said that the Project will enhance the wellbeing of rural community through a sustainable and equitable access to energy. The Minister insisted that ‘ Major Action’ will be taken to increase the access rate from less than 7 percent to 30 Percent at least in next the 30 years.

The construction is expected to be completed within a year. The Project has a cost of more than 13 Billion CFA francs. It’s 87 percent Financed by the Islamic Development Bank, 11 Percent by the Chadian state and 2 percent by the Kingdom of Morocco through the National Office of Electricity and Water (ONEE).

To many Chadian experts in Energy, the launch of this ambitious solar project is a courageous step toward fulfilment of the SDG7.

The Republic of Chad is also expecting to build another solar Plant in Djermeya a locaty which is just 30 Km from N’Djamena.

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