Feminism won’t survive Africa.

Our problems are not inequality, it is corruption.” Said all the corrupt,

By Osiris Temple.

The word “Feminism” means different things to different people all over the world but here, in Africa, it means only one thing to the larger majority; Nuisance. The world seems to be approaching a new era of “new normals” and a lot of Africans are not just uncomfortable with it, they are visibly rejecting most of the “new ideals” from the Western world especially feminism.

Truth be told, feminists in the Western world are even finding it difficult to firmly define exactly who they are, what their ideals and priorities are, despite having some judicious people within their ranks. A lot of people claiming to be feminists are genuinely clueless to what the very word “Feminism” means, and believe it or not, an unbelievably large number of women who enjoy being called feminists only attach themselves to the tag whenever it works in their favor and reject it immediately when it brings “unnecessary” responsibilities.
It is not a lie that Africa has a high rate of inequality ingrained into its culture and in fact its society. Women are second class citizens and never seen or treated equally with men in many aspect of our lives. It is also true that Africans will not have it any other way.

Despite the best efforts of several writers and politicians to change the mindsets of the people (including women) to deviate from the culture of subjecting the female gender to inhumane practices and the lifestyle of placing the females lower than their male counterparts in the run of things. A lot of nothing has happened. This is because there has been a lot of mixed messages coming from the men and women who the ordinary people look up to for guidance. A lot of “you shouldn’t but you can,” can still be heard from men and women in places of authority today. I will go ahead to say that the only reason why Africa has not accepted nor respected the idea of Feminism is because it threatens the way power is gained, used and abused in Africa. The idea of equality for women who are a controlling force and a majority in Africa gives away ground to “unnatural authority” as many religious people have passionately stated and everyone knows that religion is the most powerful control factor in Africa. The Bible and the Quran are two of Africa’s most reliable books and these two books clearly don’t have a liking for the idea of gender equality.

“Our problems are not inequality, it is corruption.” Said all the corrupt, misogynistic men in power in Africa. Nowadays, music and culture has taken Africa global, there is a lot of interest in this aspect of African culture but its reluctance to accept change has seen Africa wait longer than it should to be counted as a driving force in the global economy. A closer look at Africa will show how much the newer, younger “celebrities” are trying to preach equality but at this point, it is obvious that there are no real drive to allow gender equality to thrive in Africa and because Africa takes great pride in their religious and cultural life, and it may be a few millennia before Africa even comes close to the idea of independence and liberalism that the west demands.

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  1. Oh please… Saying that Africa won’t have it any other way???? Has it occurred to you that the culture you see today is already as corrupted as the western ideals you still assume haven’t infiltrated our society?? Have you studied our history well enough to realise that our ancestors could only exist in harmony because they could strike a balance between the male and female energy?
    And when you say Africans won’t have it any other way are you also speaking for all the women that have fallen victim to this perversion of our culture being treated as objects in a world they ought to be bringing balance into??
    For any African to think that a woman is not equal to a man is to show how westernised they already are! That’s the corruption that’s put our societies in chaos… Instead of each gender doing it’s part to restore balance, women are told to take the back seat! While men feed their egos against their purpose like westerners behave with their women!!! Wake up! Advocate for a better Africa!

    1. I don’t think this work was direct in any way

  2. Unless enlightenment takes place in most African people’s lives gender equality can never work bcoz unfortunately we have attached ourselves to religions which believe that the other gender is more important than the other. We really need a spiritual awakening

    1. Yes Dorothy… We’d
      Do need an awakening

  3. Nicely done Osiris Temple! But I disagree with your argument here. I believe that we are not putting aside misorgyny because of religion or culture. I believe that we are still transcending

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