Bill Gates is facing death threats after some alleged the coronavirus was produced by him

The American “Fortune” magazine released the world’s 25 greatest anti-epidemic leaders of the year, paying tribute to the world heroes who fight against the epidemic. Bill Gates ranked 10th.

On April 16, the Gates Foundation announced another additional donation amount of 150 million US dollars, and promised to use the foundation’s “strategic investment fund” resources to accelerate the procurement of key medical materials. Earlier, Gates invested billions of dollars to develop and produce seven promising coronavirus vaccines, so that they can be quickly put into mass production after they are determined to be effective against the new coronavirus.

Gates said in an interview: “Because there are no better alternatives, we will waste billions of dollars on vaccine factories that have not been selected in the future. However, in this case, where we are The situation is (if the epidemic cannot be controlled), trillions of dollars in losses will be faced, and in contrast, these losses are worth it. “

As early as 2017, Gates created the Epidemic Prevention Innovation Alliance, a new alliance aimed at accelerating vaccine research and development to prevent and control epidemics.

Bill Gates is particularly sensible on the issue of the US epidemic. He has been calling for a unified measure throughout the country, that is, a large-scale “closure of the city.” Said that US government agencies need to increase screening for new coronavirus infections and should provide more tests. We should also summarize the results so that we can quickly identify potential volunteers for clinical trials and know exactly when we will return to normal.

However, at present, Bill Gates is under threat of death. Some people in the United States believe that the outbreak itself was “made” by the Bill Gates Foundation and others. His “human removal plan” …

The whistleblower vowed to declare that Bill Gates has launched a secret project that will achieve the purpose of controlling all humanity through the new crown vaccine. The specific method is to put a microchip in the vaccine.

The word came out of a pair of American twins, black female internet celebrities “Diamond and Silk”, they are Trump’s fanatical admirers, they think Trump is the best president in the history of America. Thank you for your support, Trump is ready for all Americans to have the opportunity to get the American Dream. The duo claimed: “As long as the new crown vaccine is given, Bill Gates will be able to track you down. We don’t want to be his pilot!”

These people also said that as early as 1997, Bill Gates envisaged the use of a lung virus to control the world’s population. For many years, Bill Gates heavily funded vaccine research and conducted experiments on black Africans. 2020 is his chance to realize his “ideal”: kill a large group of people with a virus, and the rest are implanted with a chip through a vaccine to eventually control all humans.

These people misinterpreted Bill Gates ’previous interviews and became evidence that Bill Gates was the murderer of the new corona virus.

On the petition site, more than 150,000 people asked Bill Gates to stop the digital identity authentication project code-named “ID2020”, which is considered to inject chips into the human body through a vaccine.

At present, hundreds of thousands of Americans believe that Fuchs and Bill Gates are the main promoters of the new crown virus, and Fuchs, known the United States, has repeatedly sang counter-attacks with Trump and told the audience the harm of the virus in a pragmatic manner Stand on the front line of the sniper virus. It was opposed by Trump supporters.

As he faced more and more threats, the federal government had to strengthen his security. More than six special agents from the HHS inspector general’s office provided Foch with protection services.

Why Bill Gates was rumored by the American people as the maker of the new coronavirus, this is related to the US anti-vaccine group and Trump supporters.

For the Republican voters who support Trump, everything Trump has said is correct, and Foch, who is in opposition to Trump, is undoubtedly a member of Trump ’s “deep state” resistance. They behave just like extreme fans.

Bill Gates has repeatedly commented on Trump ’s anti-epidemic decision, and recently opposed Trump ’s statement to stop funding the World Health Organization (WHO) and affirmed China ’s anti-epidemic achievements. , Bill Gates has always been a thorn in his eyes.

It is against this background that Bill Gates became the behind-the-scenes hand of the new coronavirus. Fuch once said that the public needs reliable and understandable medical information, especially during a crisis.

However, as Bill Gates, Fuchs and other courageous individuals have encountered personal threats, and many whistleblowers have been suppressed, what exactly will the epidemic develop? This is a mystery?

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