Why are Chinese Authorities Chasing Africans Out Of Their Apartments..?

It was announced that the people of Guangzhou, a city in China, are ejecting African students, businessmen and women out of their homes and hotels across China, over claims that they were importing coronavirus from Africa into their country. This is coming days after the government of China gave an order that all travelers coming into China should self quarantine for 14 days.

There was a rumor which was debunked by the Chinese government that the deadly covid-19 disease came from bats, Rats, and many other unpleasant animals which the Chinese nationals love eating as meat. Now, its seems the Chinese people are trying to play smart and shift the blame on Africans going about their legal businesses in China.

In a video post made by Sahara Reporters, the Chinese authorities were seen ejecting and manhandling some innocent Africans. Their passports were taken from them in the guise of wanting to run coronavirus test on them. But, according to the Africans, they said they were left stranded and did not get any updates from the Chinese authorities. The Africans were left to stay outside in an unpleasant condition for over 24 hours without attention from the said authorities…….

My Take:

“This is very sad and disheartening” People do not deserve such type of ill treatments, and disrespect in this harsh time of coronavirus pandemic…..we are all humans, and i believe we can fight and win over this disease together. Always stay safe out there!

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  1. They want to infect Africans and carry out their Covid-19 drug tests on innocent Africans. I think this is the right time our African leaders sit together and look for the ways of making Africa self dependent. No country will come to develop US. Otherwise Africa and its people will continue suffering and crying that they are being segregated wherever they go. Racism will never end in the world

    1. Our African leaders have tied a very long rope on African generations for their unwise loans they have aquared from these dangerous Chinese gov,t they r planning to flash African ple out in order to be the sole controller of African resources

  2. China most be a big foolish dragon thinking because it has made some money in the last 20 years it can now kick over the bee hive at will, it is mistaken! If the world cooks for China, China economy would be ruined perpetually. President Xi should learn from machos like WiemaII and Herr Hitler!!! President Xi can’t stand the heat he is building in the kitchen of world economy!!!

  3. Our African leaders are recklessly selfish. Esoevially Nigeria who would allow these same Chineese to come into the country. If it is so..that Africans are bringing the virus to China then it must be a pre-emted attempt at ensuring that they bring the virus China is exporting back. Only kenya has asked Chineese too to quit. We are not also a laboratory for any company or country..neither would the world be chipped for global control by one individual…it is all about the control..the AI through computer…the vaccine is to re-engineer the humans DNA to work with the computers..a semi machine..

  4. These Chinese must behave, this Covid-19 crap started in their back yard. How dare they want to pin it on innocent African people. They must not forget that they are the ones infiltrating Africa like ants…

  5. It’s quite unfortunate that our ppl especially our leaders in Africa sees these ppl (whites) as gods, they’d (Chinese) be treating our ppl badly nd we would be treating them in Africa like gods. It’s high time we begins to depend on ourselves nd stopped following these whites, we’ve got our own culture nd ways of doing things. Let African leaders come together with one voice nd chase Chinese out of Africa to sound as warning to others. Let them know we allowed such treatment from any part of the world.

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