Zimbabwe to continue on Level 2 lockdown for indefinite period.

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By Emmanuel Machikwa

Zimbabwe President H.E Emmerson Mnangagwa this afternoon said his country will continue on Level 2 lockdown for an indefinite period.

Speaking in a media briefing today 16 May 2020, President Mnangagwa said the country shall have regular two week interval reviews to assess progress or lack of it.

President Mnangagwa went on to say that shops and supermarkets should continue to enforce social distancing of their customers. The operating times of all businesses have been adjusted to be from 8am to 4.30pm.

“Our country, undertook intensive surveillance and case-finding of all influenza-like illness. There is mandatory testing of all hospitalized patients for supected COVID-19 as well as individuals presenting fever and influenza like symptoms.”

President Mnangagwa went on to say, “government noted with satisfaction the continued positive impact of the lockdown measures our country has implemented since 30 March, to date. Initially, health experts had estimated that by 29th April Zimbabwe would have about 1000 confirmed cases of covid-19.”

However, as of May 15, Zimbabwe had 42 confirmed cases, inclusive of 4 deaths, 13 recoveries and 25 active cases.

President Mnangagwa continued saying that social and physical distancing will continue to be maintained and enforced at all time. ” I appeal to our people to exercise greater self-discipline in this regard, ” he added.

President Mnangagwa said the wearing of face masks, as well as washing of hands or use of sanitizers in all public areas, remains mandatory. Regular disinfection with approved disinfectants of all public and private business premises must also continue.

He also said school children due to write examinations this year shall be allowed to open but under strictly supervised conditions to minimise chances of infections.

Zimbabwe unlike its neighbouring countries has relaxed conditions hence enabling its economy to stay afloat and its citizens able to work and sustain a living.

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