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By Cde Mainda Simataa

19 May 2020, Lusaka Zambia

The prophetic words of Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe, late freedom fighter and founding father of independent Zambia, have come to pass, and to haunt Zambians. Before he died, Kapwepwe warned us, “if you are not careful, colonizers will come back dressed as investors. They’ll take over your land and your government, until you become a foreigner and slave in your own country”.

True to his words, Zambians today are in a state of confusion, shock and disbelief, after one of their own was turned back from one of the many ‘CHINESE ONLY’ places dotted across the capital Lusaka, and catering exclusively to customers of Chinese origin.

The story blew out and went viral yesterday (Monday 18th May) when MUVI TV award winning journalist, Kalani Muchima, covered and exposed the story where a Zambian man was turned away from a named racist Chinese shop on the grounds that he’s a FOREIGNER – not because he’s a ‘stinking black monkey’, as Africans are reffered to in China, but because he’s a foreigner, and is being called this in his own country, Zambia!

This is what has shocked Zambians who wonder if at all the PF government has sold the land underneath them, otherwise, how else would any normal Chinese get such guts and authority to call a Zambian a foreigner in his own country?

To add insult to injury, the fact that the Zambian man is actually married to a Chinese woman, did not help him at all to gain access into the shop. Instead, the arrogant and racist Chinese shop owner used the Zambian man’s equally helpless Chinese wife to interpret the insults for her husband as the China man kept the couple standing at a safe distance, on suspicion that the masked man had coronavirus which is actually started in China.

During the stand-off, the racist Chinese shop owner gave the Zambian two choices: that he could either let his Chinese wife to go in and do the shopping while he waited outside, and that if he didn’t agree to this condition, they he could f**k off and get lost.

The Zambian publics outrage and anger about this racist incident, which is just one of many such racist incidents, forced the Lusaka City Mayor Miles Sampa to move in and shut down the Chinese shop on the same day the story made social media headlines. But he didn’t close it down for its racist conduct, but used technical reasons obviously to avoid a political backlash from China. The Chinese shop was shut down because it didn’t meet the ‘health and fire safety’ certification standards of the local authority, Lusaka City Council.

However, experience shows that if Chinese can literally get away with murder in Zambia, and get back to business as usual, what is a Mayor and the small offence of racism to a Zambian and his wife when the PF government and its President Lungu, are collectively indebted to China, and always begging for more loans?

The truth remains that the Chinese occupation, or more precisely, the colonization of Zambia, runs deeper than mere Chinese racism. The entire country of Zambia, its economy, leadership, lands, peoples, and even the police, are captured by modern day CHINESE IMPERIALISM, as the whole world knows.

To change this will call for nothing short of a full scale revolution, another struggle for political independence and economic freedom. It will take another new set of freedom fighters. But are Zambians equal to the task or have they given up hope?

The author is an expert on African/global Political Economics, and a writer for the African Observor Magazine. He’s also author of the best selling book on chinese imperialism, How China Colonized Zambia. The book is currently available upon request on his Facebook page: Hon. Mainda Simataa, via a whatapp link.

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