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By Ayo Moses Ogedengbe

This is not just the Story of King Odysseus and his Son , Telemachus.

This is the story of education. Yes, it is.

This is the future we saw yesterday, before the corona Virus Pandemic.

Last year, when I wrote this , which I have rewritten for today’s situation, I called it “The past and The future of education”.

You see, education in the “dark ages”, was based on a one-on-one experience.

Man had the responsibility to train the male child and so was the woman to train the female child.

Then as families grew and population increased, the responsibility shifted to spiritual leaders of religion and tradition.

This is known as the age of the “clergy” by chronologists.

In those days, at 14, the average student of a monastery was already proclaimed a “scholar” or “lecturer” to train other people.

If you know the meaning of the word “Mentor”
then you should know the Story, which is much more profound and sends the message home, if we want to talk about education.

King Odysseus of Ithaca ( A town of ancient Greece) was the father of Telemachus in the ancient city…

On his way to the Trojan War, which took place around 1280 BC, he called on his friend Mentor to look after his home and family.

He specifically handed his son, Telemachus, to Mentor so that he could be trained, educated and be well nurtured in the shape of a true man.

Upon his return from the war, King Odysseus remarked that his son had become exactly like his friend, Mentor.

Since then, the word “Mentor” has been adopted in English as a term meaning someone who imparts wisdom to and shares knowledge with a less experienced colleague.

It is important to note that it is the explosion in the world’s population that made one-on-one almost impossible or inefficient for democratising knowledge. How true?

As the world goes mobile and artificial intelligence takes its place in the life of man, education as we know it will change totally forever.

Knowledge will change exponentially and what we use to know and use as an edge may become a burden.

For me, I see a situation where, to become educated in the real sense of the word, we will need a one-on-one experience again like it use to be in the “dark ages”.

The difference will be basically about the opportunity to learn from the best via technology backed platforms in a remote location.

The University of the future, just like courses I have personally taken on Coursera, will be nothing but an App.

All the big buildings will become “useless” and knowledge will be available mainly via mobile applications.

One on one human learning will become so expensive that only those with the funds will be able to get such a luxury. ( I just discovered that technology is making one on one so affordable than I had projected last year before covid19)

Is this me misreading the signs of the future?

I don’t know. ( The future came so quick even for me to adjust to effectively. Yes, it took a while, but I am adjusting very well now after the troublesome month of March where I was focused on daily deaths and victims of Corona Virus.

Earlier today, I called a Software Engineer to come install some tools I will be needing to work today and saw that a lot of jobs we know are really at risk.

A whole lot.

Teaching , Design, Traditional Marketing and Even Legal Services, to some extent.

I tell you.

The professional that will survive the coming new normal must be willing to rethink skill sets and understand the new world of education and learning.

Learning, I believe, is really the relative permanent change in attitude that is attributable to experiential opportunities.

The question here today is this:

What where, When and How are you learning to adapt, survive and thrive in the new world order?

Cheers to your success!


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