By Jonny Quest

The fall of lucipher is nothing but satan falling into the human brain.
Lucipher was the brightest and most beautiful angel in the heavens. It is trying to tell you,that you fell into polarity and trapped in this geometry called the human body and the soul is trying to liberate itself.
This angel or angle of light became human
The root chakre color is red its the first and lowest color frequency. And the devil is depicted as red base on this symbol and in Egyptian mythology set has red hair
His hair is depicted as red on top of his head cause red is the color of the root chakra and the root chakra keeps you grounded to earth so the red hair around his head symbolizes set thinking like a human.
His consciousness is that of earth.
In the Egyptian mythology set kills his brother osirus out of jealousy like a human.
The root chakra is responsible for jealousy and lower vibrational thinking.
So set represents the ego or lower nature cause they are all lower emotions projected by the ego which set is a symbol of
Set is where you get the name name satan. Set-on. On is another name for a city named Heliopolis in Egypt and means city of the sun.
So the story of the fall of lucipher is about each and everyone of us falling into human bodies. Its a metaphor for our souls falling into duality like the ying yang symbol represents. Lucifer means light bringer. Our souls come from the source.
We are now souls trapped in the flesh. Thats all it means. Nothing spooky!!

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