Who Is Jesus ?

By Johnny Quest

The name jesus christ according to the kaballah breaks down to the numeral or gematria 888. And the 8th element on the periodic table is oxygen.
Which is really
8 protons 8 neutrons and 8 electrons So oxygen is jesus.

Jesus name in aramaic is yashua and in Egypt shu means to uplift and is the personification of air his symbol is a feather…hence the breath of life.
So god breathed his divine self into man and man became a living soul and when the christians say that god and Jesus was together in the beginning thats what they are talking about.
The breath is always with you.
God breathed his divine breath of life into man so man is god by way of mastering the breath.
In the book of acts 1:13 when it talk about him going to the upper room, the upper room really symbolizes the head.
The breath is the mediator between the lower self and the higher self.
So in john 20:22 Jesus breathed on his disciples and they received the holy spirit or the holy breath.
You can charge the breath with so much universal life force called prana by inhale/exhale which in science is called centripetal and centrifugal force, push and pull. That is what keeps your physical composition together. Keeps all 76 trillion cells in your body together. Without the breath you decompose.
The difference between a living and dead person is that one is breathing and the other one is not. The one who is breathing is composed. The one who is not breathing will soon be decomposed. Cause there is no push/pull-inhale/exhale of the breath to keep the cells together.
At birth when the doctor slaps you on your ass you take your first inhalation and at that moment life begins. And when you take your last breath the spirit or breath spirals upward out your body. The word spirit means breath.
When you die your breath or spirit is the last thing to spiral out your body.
The breath goes upward into the ionosphere which is really the astral plane.
The ionosphere is a exact mirror image of every object on earth
No matter how faint it still shows up there. And at the point if death the electrons and the breath vapors(spirit) is released and goes upward into the ionosphere or the dream world or purgatory.
You have the earthly plane then the etherial plane and your etherial body is about two inches outside your physical body its color is electric blue. Then you have the astral plane which is your emotional body. Then you have the mental plane then the causal plane the spiritual plane and then the soul plane. These are the seven heavens which are symbolic to the seven atmospheres. The troposphere the stratosphere the mesosphere the ionosphere the exosphere the thermosphere and magnetosphere.
So these seven atmosphere correlates to the consciousness that you gathered and what goes up must come down.
So if the breath goes up cause water goes up which is a water vapor,when you take your last breath your spirit goes up into the various atmosphere. And based on your conscious level depends on which atmosohere you go to.
Some people consciousness is still at the lowest chakre when they die so they never leave the physical plane. Thats why sometimes you might see spirits of dead people.
So When you master chi or qi energy and become the true magi. And not the magician. Cause one deal with smoking mirrors and tricks which is the magician and the other one actually developes the gift of mastering chi or qi energy and will actually be able to do the same thing and will be at the greater mysteries and not the lesser mysteries.
He/she is the magi.
You always want to be at the greater mysteries.
The 1st and 2nd overtone can be your hell cause on the astral plane your thoughts become things and if you always thought hell was what the bible say. Then it will really exist. Same for heaven on the astral plane…..
Jesus name in Aramaic is the same sound you make every time you sneeze. Which is ya-shu-a. And the sound you make when you sneeze just happens to be ya-shu and if its really good you go AH, hence yashua. Nobody taught you how to say this name when you sneeze so its a natural sound you make when you sneeze out the breath.

And in the egyptian mysteries it say that the god atum decided to make more gods so he sneezed and spit flew out of his mouth and snot blew out of his nose and splattered on the ground and two beautiful children was created from this mess.
Atum named the boy shu which means air and he named the girl tefnut which means moisture. And snot looks just like sperm, sperm is sticky and moist properties which creates life.
So the breath of life has a name and its yashua, when you sneeze its giving you a clue of the name of the breath of life. The holy breath which the bible calls the holy ghost or holy spirit.
And within old Hebrew which is Aramaic the name yashua means salvation cause you only receive salvation by unifying the lower self into the higher self.
By mastering the lower mysteries and mastering the higher mysteries. This only happens by way of the breath cause it is the mediator.
So when in the book of john 14:6 jesus say the only way to the father (which is the soul inside of the pineal gland)is but by me, i am the way the truth and the light. This is really talking about the breath of life.
So this is a story about each and every one of us that we should master. Its not about no man coming out the sky on a white horses to save you. The whitehorse is really symbolic to the hippocampus area of the brain, cause the word hippocampus means white horse. This is pegasus from greek mythology. And the clouds is the white and gray matter of your brain. Which are the same colors as the clouds.

Don’t take the bible literal these stories are all allegories, even Jesus said he speaks in parables in Mathews 13:10. Parables are stories that has a deeper meaning than what you are reading on the surface.

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