All You Need To Know About The Kundalini Energy

When you lay a tetrahedron over any planet you will see a upswelling of energy.
The Sphinx sits at a 19.5 degree angle on the Giza plateau in the center of the earth. If you take a tetrahedron and lay it on the sphinx it will be at a 19.5 degree angle, if you take a tetrahedron and you lay it over jupiter that red spot will be at a 19.5 degree angle and if you did this on earth it will show up at the Hawaiian islands, if you do this on the sun the sunspots will show up at a 19.5 degree angle. When you take the six pointed star and overlay it in these places you will see a upswelling of energy, so this upswelling of energy is at a 19.5 degree angle at the base of your spine right above the crack of ya ass.
So the kundalini energy sits at a 19.5 degree angle in your body based on if you overlay a tetrahedron over your physical body which is called a merkabah, which is the light vehicle that brought you here.
The illumination of the ida and pingala which are the two nerves attached to the sacral bone. The sacral bone is a triangular bone that originates from ya ass crack and inside of the sacral bone is the abode of the kundalini energy or serpent power or serpent force. The serpent was never anything evil, the reptilians are us, the ones with the ability to control the serpentine force or kundalini, they made it look evil so we would be afraid to get back to the illumination of self back to godhood by telling us not to mess with it.
The 8 divided cells of mitosis never changes and this is where the kundalini dwells at because its inside the sacral bone which the 8 divided cells are protected from.The kundalini is the 8 divided cells and when these 8 divided cells crack open like a egg it releases this atomic energy called kundalini and shoots up the spine in a orbit like a snake This is sub atomic energy.
You have 23 chromosomes embedded within the sperm and you have 23 chromosomes embedded within the egg. When the man ejaculates within a women the sperm which is the chosen one, that sperm travels up the base of your spinal column through all seven chakres recieving instructions of consciousness from all those immaculate light systems called chakres as it come up and it takes the consciousness of each of these eats of neural melanin clusters, it take all this energy and travels all the way up to the final destination which is within the third ventricle and becomes baptized in the cerebral fluid of that illuminated cave called the third ventricle by the pineal gland it receives the spark of light from the pineal gland which is god which is called your divine soul which is a pure reflection of yourself. In the bible when Jacob wrestles with a angel the angel hit him in his thigh and his energy rised and he seen god face to face it says.
Then the sperm travels back down the spinal column into the testicles then ejaculated by the millions. And all the other sperm cells travel with the chosen one cause they already know that sperm was chosen to be born so they kind of protecting it. And that one cell that impregnates the egg, the head attaches the tail breaks off and the head blows up to the equivalent size of the nucleus of the egg which begins the process of mitosis in which at that point the two becomes the four the four becomes six the six becomes eight which begins the cycle from Atum
In which they are talking about you are already a manifestation of all these deities already so if you call on these deities you are really calling on aspects of yourself because these same 8 cells never changes in your body,out of all the trillions of cells in your body these 8 cells never change. They keep the same exact program from the day you were born to the day you pass on. The kundalini energy at the base of ya spine is 6000 degrees farenheight equivalent to the surface of the sun thats why if you don’t raise your energy properly you can spontaneously combust unless you have melanin.
When the kundalini awakens you will feel like a spasm at your lower back are that is the rumbling and thunder they speak about in the book of revelations. The book of revelations(revelations 10:1-7) is telling you about the kundalini symptoms.
Whenever it speaks about the seven thunders in the book of revelation that is talking about the spasms that you feel when the energy comes up and it burns off what is called your etheric threads, these etheric threads are in your spinal column and it is attached to these 31 nerves and these 31 nerves is embedded inside of the spinal column but there is two nerves outside of the spinal column called the sacral nerves which is called the ida and pingala, equaling 33 nerves. Pingala means white serpent and ida means black serpent
You have 33 vertebrates that stems from the base of the spine to the back of the skull to the medulla oblongata.
In masonry you have 33 degrees of Scottish rites and in york rites you have 7 degrees which is symbolic to to the activation of the seven chakres
The 33 degrees of freemasonry is nothing more but the ritual that takes you through the process of illuminating the kundalini up through the 33 verabrates
And these two serpents spirals up the base of the spinal column and hits the brains activating both hemispheres looking like a winged serpent or quatzacoatl.
Remember in the bible jesus(christ energy or kundalini) sat between two thieves. The One on the left hand side said if you be the christ then why dont you let yourself down so he said something NEGATIVE he was the black serpent. Then the one on the right hand side said leave him alone, matter of fact can you get me into heaven so he said something POSITIVE , symbolic to magnetic and electrical energy, electrical energy transmits energy and magnetic energy pulls energy.
The soul is god so when you send the kundalini energy up, the soul aspect which is embedded inside of the pineal gland where it is embedded at you receive infinite consciousness meaning you have developed your immortal body.

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