All You Need To Know About “Chakra’s”

By Johnny quest

You have seven chakra bodies around your body and down the spinal chord are the vortex that is giving birth to all the chakra bodies around your physical body. Once you was born into the center you was multiplied by infinity.

We have ethereal bodies. Each chakra is a different body on a different plane of existence. The word chakra come from the word chekra. Chekra is the word check as in checkpoint. At each checkpoint you have a different body. And your able to shift or slip your consciousness into these other bodies during meditation,daydreaming,sex or whiles your sleeping. They are the dream worlds or etheric worlds.

So their is a version of you for every realm Of existence. We only count seven at a time so we only have seven chakras and when you move up to the seventh one you get another set of seven. It’s a infinite amount of chakra layers and realities but we only count to seven at a time. Just like we have a infinite amount of days but we count seven days at a time. The seven chakras points plugs your consciousness into these seven different worlds. You have 7 chakra points going down your spinal chord and your body looks like it’s Inside a bag.
The movie matrix plagiarized this. Neo has all those dots or buttons going down his spinal chord plugging him into the different connection points he gonna need to plug him into that virtual reality and he is inside of a bag.
They telling you right in your face that we are in a simulation. And chakra bodies confirm that we are in a infinite simulation. Around all of us we have these bags(aura) and your consciousness are in there.

The chakra points are the vortexes that plugs 🔌 the consciousness to your body and fuses them together and connects you to the simulation. So the moment you leave the earth the chakra point that you are vibrating on gets unplugged and your disconnected from this world. The silver etheric chord gets pulled. But you are still connected to the other worlds through the other check points or checkras. So we are in a matrix. We are in a simulation.

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