Kemitic knowledge on Creation

By Jonny Dest

In the image below Khnum is forming man on his potters wheel. But within the ancient kemetic texts its not man its the ba and kao.

Ba means soul and ka means spirit and the ba was actually adam the heavenly man as he was known as in the kaballa as adam kadmon, and the holy quaran surah four states that adam and eve was in heaven and them and 200 fallen angels and iblys all got kicked down to the planet earth
Eve is the spirit or kundalini energy, that fire trapped inside your bones. Adam is a form if ausar and eve is another form of auset. Khnum is the God that formed man from the dust of the earth.
Another word for khnum is potter, who made man from the celestial elements from clay. This is the same god from the bible that formed man from the dust of the ground. And there was a movie named harry(haru)potter.
Harry is another form of haru.
And it is stated in the quaran that adam was created from the dust or black mud which is melanin or black matter. And your melanin is nothing but a physical component of the spirit and soul. And shaytaan within arabic means a thing of clay
And another name for khhum is khnuma and the twa people called him khnum and the dogons call him nommos= khnomos. So they have the same god.
David icke and Robert temple got yall thinking nommos is some reptilian creature from sirius stars , but check this out. khnum gave the females power to procreate through the DNA. And khnum means serpent so he gave mitochondria DNA or meta- Khan- dria khan means serpent. Meta is from greek meaning warp threads and khondra is from greek meaning grain or granular. And chondra and the sperm is chondra within the vedic texts And it is all relating to reproduction, so that means the sperm is symbolic to the serpent the warp threads that you call DNA is symbolic to the serpent , cause it has the same elliptical pattern as not just sirius A and sirius B, but also the kundalini energy. Cause both of them goes up the spine in this elliptical pattern.

So DNA in ancient times was called the water dragon. And you see dragons all up and down the orient, you see dragons here in america on the temples of mexico, all these dragons and serpents are talking about DNA and those messages became open(ptah). And you are able
to retrieve these messages from your ancestors and bring them to the forefront of your consciousness. So you can go forth and manifest and be a pure manifestation of those that came before you. So when you open up this information you open up a can of whoop as first of all and you open up your akashic records.
So the ptahites called him khnum and the dogon tribe called him the same thing “nommos”.
So this is all throughout africa the science of who he was the guy that brought all things into existence which is actually really talking about your DNA!!!!
From sub atomic level to to the atomic level to the molecular level to the cellular level. From unseen state to a seen state.
He was also called mum-ra he was the supreme serpent god, he is the god of the rainbow and the seven rays of the sun. The serpent(dragon) and its seven heads in the book of revelations is kundalini with the seven chakres.

In revelations it say: And i saw in the right hand of him that sat on the throne holding a book written within and on the backside(spinal column) sealed with seven seals(7 chakres). But hold up on your backside or spinal column you have seven seals or seven chakres…. Is that not your backside?
And it is written inside of you cause DNA is called the messenger codes.
Is that not something that is written?
And it is written by four base amino acids as a matter of fact(cgat) cytosine
Guanine, adenine and thymine.
Those four base amino acids correlates to who you call yahweh or yahuwa or YHWA or JHVA whicH in kemet was HUHI which backwards is IHUH or YHWA or what is called the tetragrammaton. So that means these four basic elements are nothing more than the four letters of the divine name of god. So therefore Yahweh did create you, but it is talking about in terms of your amino acids. Nothing spooky!!
Ptah has seven khnums and the book of revelations speak the opening of the seven seals.
The serpent of light is kundalini energy so that means lucipher is the kundalini energy, lucipher is not bad, cause in his original form he was light(kundalini) in heaven, but then he fell through the different states of consciousness. And lucipher fell to earth with 200 fallen angels and you have 200 bones in your body so that means the 200 fallen angels or angles of light which is light manifested in the most dense portion of your body and saturn controls your skeletal system, blood and DNA. The first place sirius bombards its energy is from our solar system through the planet saturn, then it transfers it to pluto to mars then earth.
And saturn is satan.
So satan and lucipher are actually two different beings.
So when you fell into sin you fell into skin. So when the soul embedded itself inside of your physical structure it made the soul not as unlimited as it once was.
So now you trapped god into the physical body. So now that god is trapped in this illusion god must become conscious and travel back up those fallen states cause he is no longer lucipher he must become the christ and jesus means savior and the only way to save yourself is if you raise yourself up from those conscious levels to the supreme infinite conscious level which you was once at back in heaven at the crown chakre. So HALILULIA NiGGAS! Lol
The BA- the bird body represents the souls ability to move between heaven and earth.
Death comes to the body when the breath exits.
The KA- is the spirit which is the activator of cosmic forces
The concept being adopted by islam which you have the kaba- you walk around the kaba seven times and kiss the Blackstone in the corner and that black stone is symbolic to the pineal gland the black dot. The seven circles is symbolic to the seven seats of light which is called the chakras.

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  1. the awakening of those that are still asleep from their slumber to realize the power within the melanin

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