Stop Throwing Away Wealth!

How many corn raids (stalk) have you thrown away after eating the corn? That’s how much wealth / millions you have thrown into the trash!

The corn raid costs $8.99 in the West (as seen on the pix), that is equivalent to 152.32 South Africa Rand, 3,429.68 Nigeria Naira. It surprising to know that We throw away millions of metric tonnes of this corn raid in Africa, but it’s worth a fortune elsewhere.

What do you think this can be used for? Why is it so expensive? The Corn raid (stalk) is used in the cosmetic industry. Corn raid (stalk) being 100 % vegetable, bio-degradable. It proves ideal for formulating natural cosmetics. In the composition of cosmetic products (ointment and others) it acts as an exfoliator: that is, she has the ability to remove dead cells from the epidermis so that the skin is smooth.

Other Utilities of corn raids are for: Biofuel, production of charcoal, animal feed, forage for ruminants and cows, veterinary pharmacy, cosmetics etc.

Here are some useful things mentioned in a peacetime way. You will have more accuracy on the value of corn raids depending on the usefulness it serve you.

So, when next you finish eating a corn and you throw away raid (stalk), you are throwing away wealth by so doing.

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