Elections In Uganda A Game of Life Or Death As 2021 Closes in.

I was attacked , not once ,not twice and my gadgets were taken from me in broad day light

Kampala,East Africa
As the citizens of Uganda go to the polls to elect their new leaders in 2021 from the president to local council leaders , some of the Contestants have cried out for demanding that the ground should be leveled after accusations of intimidation, and some being assaulted during campaigns to hold thier different party flags ,

Hon.Elemia Muhondogwa in the hospital with a broken arm (Observer images )

Talking to the Ruling National resistance movement youth contestant who was recently assaulted by those he called goons sent by his competitors Hon. Elemia Muhondogwa said that these things have been going on for some time, where even his supporters have been intimidated.

Hon.Elemia is contesting to hold the national resistance movement flag for Western Uganda youth Mp, and as he was on his campaigns in a western Uganda district in Rwenzori subregion ,he was attacked and beaten by those he thinks were sent by his competitors , Mr. Muhondogwa in his own words said that ” I was attacked , not once ,not twice, my gadgets were stolen from me , and all this can only be the work of those who want to make the NRM look like the ‘fighters party ‘ on several grounds , they have been running a propaganda that I work with the opposition,and when that didn’t work ,they have now taken another path of harming me physically, I am now in the hospital nursing wounds , I plead to the NRM government ,the electoral commission and the president of our party HE YK Museveni to look into this, because it seems some people are not after forwarding the agenda of the NRM government but their own selfish agenda. Because if they are after what we believe in, why would they opt for this path they are taking ?”
Hon. Elemia Muhondogwa if elected as the flag bearer for NRM party will be the official candidate for the NRM party which is led by the H.E.YK Museveni in the 2021 general elections as the Youth MP for the whole of western Uganda .

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  1. The kind of politics in Africa particularly in Uganda….

  2. Oh My God! Am really disappointed by heartless citizens who are tarnishing the name of our party for their selfish reasons

  3. Very unfortunate!!!!
    when a candidate gains popularity then an opponent becomes so malicious to the extent that he mobilises lumpens to harm his rival.

    Our national party chairman should look into it.

  4. Sorry comrade these are selfish ugandans who hate peace in the region. Even damaging the image of our party as NRM

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