The Inherent light.

…an inherent light always exists,
in the darkest night brought forth by the darkness., Still and forever,
Eternally an inherent light
always exists.

Seek not to walk in the darkness of night
Oh’ child of the light seek ye’ ever the eternal light.
Know ye’ art a child of the light.

Many have risen to the stars
Others fallen below into
The darkness of night.

List ye’ Oh’ man
For out of the darkness
came forth the light. 🌟

Great in the future,
The battle rages on..
Long fought between darkness
And light…

The masters of darkness
Mighty in the magic that is one
With the night,
Facing the son’s of Light
Mighty in infinite wisdom
And infinite power.
Mighty in battle,
Standing forth are the
Mighty children of LIGHT.✨✨✨✨✨✨💝

The war fronts cordon on with
Forces ready for the long awaited battle
Of surrender.
And then MA’AT.

The universe follows order
And such is kept by law.
The thought that sprout 🌱 forth life
Into existence and time then sired.
The Great Peimentere.

Seek thee after thy soul Oh’ man
Know that thou’ art a fire.🔥
Lighting from the primordial mist.
One with the light…
Sprout 🌱 from the
Flower of Life.

Ever seek the fire within
And light up thy soul into
The infinite light.
Call upon the Seven Lord’s
Name them by name…
Seek their protection and guidance
For mighty are they
In the wisdom of the whole.

Ever seek thee’ the light.
Walk and know that transmutation
Of darkness to light is thy
Goal Oh’ man…

Know ye’ that only
He who seeks the light shall attain.

Empower in knowledge and wisdom of the all one, and be thou’ a light shinning bright
In the darkness of night.

Oh’ man, seek ye’ ever after wisdom to grow in the infinite light, for only through striving can ye’ ever hope to attain the light of all wisdom.

Grown from the heart of the flame.

Know ye’ that God
Is of love of perfect knowledge, wisdom knowing all possible means… and power, by the joint will of divine love and divine wisdom.

List ye’ Oh’ man
And be wise…

For great things shall begin to unfold
When man finally learns to kindle the lighting.
Ever new is the battle between darkness
And light fought, yet age old is it
Since the beginning of time.

Know ye’ that
In the battle between darkness and light,
The light shall banish forth the darkness of night Infinitely and eternally from the brightness of light.
For once the light arose from the darkness,
The end of darkness was forseen.

Before the light arose the
🔥 fire.
For through the fire comes the light.
The Mist from the Primordial Benben.
The Bennu of ATUM.


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  1. the light within us realization is very important

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