The “Middle Way” or “Middle Path”

The “middle way” or “middle path” speaks to a pivot point of balance, a union of polarities, a harmony of opposing forces. It is a state of equanimity and peace spoken of in the teachings of Buddha and echoed throughout many other mystical traditions and philosophies.

It is a practical way of life, avoiding the extremes of self-denial and self-indulgence, eternalism and annihilationism.

I have been feeling these extreme and polarizing times, the swinging of the pendulum, the fire, the water, the rage, the compassion.

And, I am witnessing that when fire and water come together in perfect alchemy they create life.

And so I have been seeking to ground into my equanimity and neutrality, and strive for balance and perspective. I am inquiring and listening so that I may understand the big picture, while staying rooted and aware of the subtleties.

Even as the world around us erupts into furor and confusion.
Even as we allow our tears and laughter, affection and grief.
We can remain in at peace in our innermost centre and be witness to it all.

May we dwell along the middle path, that nexus of delicate balance, the pivot point on the scale of polarities.

May we dwell along the middle way, and our minds and hearts be at peace”

By Autumn Skye

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