“THAT which is the Fundamental Truth- the Substantial Reality- is beyond true naming, but the Wise Men call it THE ALL.”
~The Kybalion.

“We accept and teach the view of the great Hermetic thinkers of all times, as well as of those illumined souls who have reached higher planes of being, both of whom assert that the inner nature of THE ALL is UNKNOWABLE. This must be so, for naught by THE ALL itself can comprehend its own nature and being.
The Hermetists believe and teach that THE ALL, ‘in itself,’ is and must ever be UNKNOWABLE. They regard all the theories, guesses and speculations of the theologians and metaphysicians regarding the inner nature of THE ALL, as but the childish efforts of mortal minds to grasp the secret of the Infinite.”

“In its Essence, THE ALL is UNKNOWABLE.”
~The Kybalion

‘(….while Theology and Metaphysics seem like broken reeds, rooted in the quicksands of ignorance, and affording naught but the most insecure support for the mind or soul of Man.)’

“But, the report of Reason must be hospitably received, and treated with respect.”
~ The Kybalion.

The human reason, whose reports we must accept so long as we think at all, informs us as follows regarding THE ALL, and that without attempting to remove the veil of the Unknowable:

(1) THE ALL must be ALL that REALLY IS. There can be nothing existing outside of THE ALL, else THE ALL would not be THE ALL.

(2) THE ALL must be INFINITE, for there is nothing else to define, confine, bound, limit; or restrict THE ALL. It must be Infinite in Time, or ETERNAL,- it must have always continuously existed, for there is nothing else to have ever created it, and something can never evolve from nothing, and if it had ever ‘not been,’ even for a moment, it would not ‘be’ now,- it must continuously exist forever, for there is nothing to destroy it, and it can never ‘not-be,’ even for a moment, because something can never become nothing. It must be Infinite in Space- it must
be Everywhere, for there is no place outside of THE ALL- it cannot be otherwise than continuous in Space, without break, cessation, separation, or interruption, for there is nothing to break, separate, or interrupt its continuity, and nothing with which to ‘fill in the gaps.’ It must be Infinite in Power, or Absolute, for there is nothing to limit, restrict, restrain, confine, disturb or condition it- it is subject to no other Power, for there is no other Power.

(3) THE ALL must be IMMUTABLE, or not subject to change in its real nature, for there is nothing to work changes upon it nothing into which it could change, nor from which it could have changed. It cannot be added to nor subtracted from; increased nor diminished; nor become greater or lesser in any respect whatsoever. It must have always been, and must always remain, just what it is now- THE ALL -there has never been, is not now, and never will be, anything else into which it can change.
THE ALL being Infinite, Absolute, Eternal and Unchangeable it must follow that anything finite, changeable, fleeting, and conditioned cannot be THE ALL. And as there is Nothing outside of THE ALL, in Reality, then any and all such finite things must be as Nothing in Reality. Now do not become befogged, nor frightened- we are not trying to lead you into the Christian Science field under cover of Hermetic Philosophy. There is a Reconciliation of this apparently contradictory state of affairs. Be patient, we will reach it in time.

We see around us that which is called
‘Matter,’ which forms the physical foundation for all forms. Is THE ALL merely Matter? Not at all! Matter cannot manifest Life or Mind, and as Life and Mind are manifested in the Universe, THE ALL cannot be Matter, for nothing rises higher than its own source-vnothing is ever manifested in an effect that is not in the cause- nothing is evolved as a consequent that is not involved as an antecedent. And then Modern Science informs us that there is really no such thing as Matter- that what we call Matter is merely ‘interrupted energy or force,’ that is, energy or force at a low rate of vibration. As a recent writer has said ‘Matter has melted into Mystery.’ Even Material Science has abandoned the theory of Matter, and now rests on the basis of ‘Energy.’

Then is THE ALL mere Energy or Force? Not Energy or Force as the materialists use the terms, for their energy and force are blind, mechanical things, devoid of Life or Mind. Life and Mind can never evolve from blind
Energy or Force, for the reason given a moment ago: ‘Nothing can rise higher than its source- nothing is evolved unless it is involved- nothing manifests in the effect, unless it is in the cause. ‘ And so THE ALL cannot be mere Energy or Force, for, if it were, then there would be no such things as Life and Mind in existence, and we know better than that, for we are Alive and using Mind to consider this very question, and so are those who claim that Energy or Force is Everything. What is there then higher than Matter or Energy that we know to be existent in the Universe? LIFE AND MIND! Life and Mind in all their varying degrees of unfoldment! ‘Then,’ you ask, ‘do you mean to tell us that THE ALL is LIFE and MIND?’ Yes! and No! is our answer. If you mean Life and Mind as we poor petty mortals know them, we say No! THE ALL is not that! ‘But what kind of Life and Mind do you mean?’ you ask. The answer is ‘ LIVING MIND,’ as far above that which mortals know by those words, as Life and Mind are higher than mechanical forces, or matter- INFINITE LIVING MIND as compared to finite ‘Life and Mind.’ We mean that which the illumined souls mean when they reverently pronounce the word:
‘SPIRIT!’ ‘THE ALL’ is Infinite Living Mind- the Illumined call it SPIRIT!”

~The Kybalion

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