South Africans Are Just EXCLUDING Themselves From The African Family

.By Julius Malema

The way they have acted is not African, and they will have to pay a price for that.The root cause of the trouble in South Africa is simple: the part of the pie left over for the majority to share is too small.Beyond the competition for resource, the people should have gone trough a national rehabilitation program.Mandela himself needed rehabilitation after prison before becoming a leader. But he did not feel the need to restore himself to a clear head man before leading his people. He was in rush to fulfill his dream to become the first black president of South Africa.

The ANC failed to initiate a people rehabilitation program for the populations after the end of Apartheid. They did not take in account the physical and psychological damage apartheid has left on the people.

The end of Apartheid has left an ideological void in the South African society. The illusions of a Rainbow nation, Ubuntu brotherhood, and African Renaissance have helped only for a short period.

And, the worshiping of money and hunger of economical status have contributed to worsen the overall situation.Finally, I’m really proud of my fellow Africans.

They have been unanimous condemning the actions of their brothers and sisters in South Africa.In Africa, There is no tradition of justifying the crimes of our brothers or sisters because of racial solidarity.Regardless of the sadness in my heart, I’m really proud of my fellow Africans!

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  1. Oh, it goes without saying, but all Africans need that rehabilitation program, not just South Africans…. We need to purge our consciousness to return it to an Afro-Consciousness..
    Thank you for the article

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