Mental-slaves hate when I critique the nonsense that is Rastafarianism, but do so I must because it is just an extension of the Christian mental-slave programming meant to enslave the African mind.

The Rastafari religion is centered on the lightskin worship of the slave. Its doctrine has nothing to do with African spirituality but an appropriation of Judaic-Christianity. It has zero ability to empower African people; this is why you see Prince Charles and Princess Diana even drumming with the Rastas because they know the religion has no power in it.

However, the most important factor of the danger of Rastafari is its promotion of marijuana. Marijuana is NOT indigenous to Africa, but originates from the Hashish cultures of Afghanistan and the Punjabi Indians. It was promoted by the Aryan-Indians to the Dravidian, to keep them in a hazed state. This was the first use of drugs as a weapon of war.

This tactic has been copied many times in history, from the cocaine plantations of Spanish America, the Heroin wars of the British against China, and the Crack wars in the American ghettos.

While marijuana is not crack, it still has a very toxic relationship to the brain. Marijuana does not induce “peace and calmness,” like its users believe. Marijuana works by killing the parts of the brain that deal with organization, memory, perspective, and analysis. Unable to use those particular brain cells, the user’s mind is so disorganized that he forgets his responsibilities. It is the act of forgetting responsibility that makes him misbelieve that he is feeling calm and peaceful, when he is really just being negligent and forgetful.

It is for this reason that marijuana is a major weapon of war the elite use against its subjects to keep them in a state of forgetfulness and negligence and disorganization. This is why Bob Marley was hired to promote marijuana usage in his music, to keep the masses of Blacks in a lazy haze.

While Marijuana may not be as directly harmful as crack, it is more harmful in that it is more acceptable and so dangerously large numbers of people use it and misbelieve that it is harmless. They ignore the fact that its entire purpose is to escape reality, not confront reality.


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