Trance is not the state of conscious mediation. The trance (Asé-et/Auset) state is any state where your conscious self is not directing your thoughts, but that your subconscious is in primary control.

Sleep, sex, listening to music, being enthralled in dance, watching images from television, etc are all states of trance. In fact, all things done in “habit” is nothing more than things done in the state of trance (when the subconscious is carrying out your duties and not your consciousness).

In the Ancient Nile, the trace/habitual phenomena within you was deified as the Mother who is devoted to her husband and child. She was called Asé-et (Auset or Isis). In West Africa’s Yoruba science, She is called Yemonja. She was brought to the Americas and became Yemaya. In southern Africa’s Zulu science She is called Mbaba Mwana Waresa.

She is important because trance states are necessary to do things that require habitual subconscious responses where one must act quicker than you think (bike, swim, fight, drive, etc). If you have to think about how to do it while doing these things, you will fail. You must let the habit/trance take over for you to achieve it well. This is why her name Asé-et (Auset) means in Yoruba, “The Power to Make it Happen.”

In fact, the human being is in a trance state MORE often than s/he is not in a trance state. The dominance of the trance state cannot be avoided, it is the nature of the subconscious and its purpose. It allows you to achieve things at greater speed without having to think about it (which can take too long). Thus we see how important and powerful trance is.

Your enemy sees it too. Which is why the method of your enemy is to CONTROL the subconscious programming of your trance state so that you carry out his will and not your own. This is the purpose of manufactured religions (Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, etc).

The primary way to control the trance state is thru images (Het-Heru/Oshun) and words (Anup).

Reality itself is just a holographic reflection of the universe which is the Supreme Being. Thus, holograms/images are the most divine force. This is why your enemy invests so heavily in controlling images and producing images for you to consume and be programmed by.

Why do you think your enemy spent most of his wealth in creating monumental images of himself as god? Not just so that he can look at them, but so that you can look at it and become programmed with the subconscious belief that he is god and submit to his will. Even today, your enemy has transferred his devotion to religious images to film. He uses film to program your mind.

As stated, the other powerful force is words. Anup (the canine) represents words because of the canines’ great ability to understand human words and follow the word’s commands, even though the dog cannot himself speak. It is the power of the words over the canine to direct him.

However, words when spoken plainly to man interact with the conscious mind (Osiru/Ausar), which is more difficult for your enemy to control because the conscious mind is your godself. In order for words to interact with the subconscious, the words must be blended with music (a trance state). Then the words will bypass your consciousness/godself and program your subconscious. This is why your enemy pays your brother to create music with toxic words of demoralization, self-hate, violence, lust, etc, in order for it to program your subconscious.

Because most of our race has no understanding of how this operates since we ignore the divine teachings of human psychology taught by our ancestors, we are easily manipulated and programmed by our enemy to be self-destructive and submissive to his will.

It is VERY important that you understand it is NOT enough to be conscious of your enemy’s tactics. Your consciousness is just the eyewitness of yourself as god, it is not the mother (trance/Auset) that gives birth to the WILL of God (Heru). The consciousness cannot control your subconscious if it is programmed by your enemy. Thus, you will just be in a state of knowing your enemy’s tactics but still submitting to them.

The only way to control your subconscious is by being vigilant about what you allow to enter your trance states (music, images, etc). You must only allow music, images, etc that REAFFIRM your divine identity if you wish to program your subconscious to manifest the power of God in your life (Sakkara/Seker-Ra). This is not easy, for most of us are addicted to self-destructive images in film and toxic music. Your enemy has purposely made it addictive so that you have a hard time escaping it.

But all addictions can be conquered, but only thru the RESURRECTION of the godself, Osiru (Ausar) thru the wifely devotion of trance (Ase-et/Auset) and the vengeance of the Will of God acting thru you (Heru).

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