ECOWAS Leaders Are Holding An Emergency Meeting Today Over Colonel Assimi Goita takes over In Mali

~We have “decided to take responsibility in front of the people and of history.” , says coup lords

By Uko-obong Efiok

The Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) leaders are set to hold a virtual summit today to find a way forward on the military take-over of Mali and declaration of Col Assimi Goita as the new head of State in Mali .

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Earlier yesterday , the leadership of  sub-regional Union declared sanctions on  Mali to ensured  the  coup lords , led by a military colonel, Assimi Goita, back down.

Nigeria as one of the influential member of the ECOWAS Bloc has ordered the regional military force to be on standby pending final decision.

It’s nolonger a news that ECOWAS has already decides to close all land and air borders, as well as to stop all economic, trade and financial deals and transactions between ECOWAS member-states which republic of Mali is a member, while ordering  all partners to do the same.
ECOWAS while condemning ousting of Bubuocar  Kéita’s democratically elected government has in their press release  denied military Junta Recognition or legitimacy to their leadership, while strongly calling on quick reinstatement of the constitutional order.

French President Emmanuel Macron, according to a press release from his office, condemned the military invasion and said he backed mediation efforts to resolve the crisis by other West African states.

Ignoring all the International threats , leader of the military Junta was last night declared as the head of the new Government National Committee for the Salvation of the People (GNSP). Meanwhile, the
Mali’s Air Force Deputy Chief of Staff, Ismael Wague and one of the coup lords, said he and his fellow officers had “decided to take responsibility in front of the people and of history.” The GNSP military  leadership have
promised the good people of Mali  a political transition and new elections within a “ a short reasonable period.”

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