How the white farmers forced Zimbabwe to lay low like an envelope

By Kwadwo Yeboah

This is how the system works.

Mugabe rightfully too the land back from those who colonized, killed and ceased the land from their rightful owners.

The oppressor and its institutions starved Simbabwe’s 🇿🇼 economy through tactics called “gun-point politics” (a threat against anyone who there to economically associate with Zimbabwe), and total isolation.

After the Zimbabwean economy has totally broken down, they staged a Palace coup to remove Mugabe and replaced him with a puppet whom they can control.

Now they say to this puppet/agent of theirs; before we can work with you, you must pay compensations to our people for the land you took from them. ~Paying a thief and a murderer for killing and stealing your property? 🤔

Doing their own estimations and statistics, they came out to say Zimbabwe owe their people 3.5 Billion Dollars; the Zimbabwe’s economy is broken and bankrupt; Zimbabwe does not have legal right to pick paper and print dollars like America does. Simply Zimbabwe does not have the capacity to pay that money.

Ok Zimbabwe, you do not have the money to pay, but you want us to take you away from the isolation centre? 🤔 ~Yes,

Then, take the lands you took from the white farmers and put them back on sale so that the same people can buy them; but this time, not with money, but with the debt you owe them!😳

Once this happens, Zimbabweans cannot in the future say that this people came here to cease and freely grab our lands under the threats of gun! They will now have legal documents to tell future generations that they legally acquired those lands.

Yes, the thief is finding every means to legalize and legitimize their theft.

All this are possible because we are still under the control of the oppressor, this is why we are mobilizing ourselves all over Africans to strongly move actions that will bring changes on our continent.

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