By Ayo Moses

I have had a hard time giving this piece a title and I still do not feel that it is enough to capture my thoughts and feelings as I pen them down. I really do not know what to name it but it is an issue that is huge on my heart. If you don’t like that title, change it to whatever you like.

Please don’t stress me, abeg.

Okay, so asides designing branding and marketing strategies for businesses, which basically puts food on my table, the matter that I am most concerned about is the poverty of the black man despite its home land being the largest contributor to natural resource riches of the world.

About 35% of the world resource riches come from Africa, making the of the poverty of the black people as well ad their underdevelopment totally senseless to me.

The lies everywhere is that it is corruption that is keeping Africa poor. The truth is that it is the direct involvement and interference of Western powers through corporatocracy that is keeping Africa poor, by enriching of few African elite trained by them for their own direct benefits and according to their evil machinations and intentions.

It is so bad that the nation of Haiti, despite its propinquity to the United States of America, remains the poorest nation in the world.

It is so bad that the beautiful home of Bob Nester Marley, that island country of Reggae called Jamaica, despite its propinquity to Canada, remains one of the poorest in the world.

It will appear that wherever two or three black men and women are gathered, poverty becomes a company.

Information from a Pan-Africanist friend based in Canada revealed to me that the Jamaicans are consistently brought in to Canada specifically for the purpose of tilling the earth for Canadian farmers in a way that is not so different from slavery even in 2020!

We can hardly look at these issues without first looking at the issues of our worldview as black people and how the world works.

There are many ideas today that has messed up the mind of the African child, woman and man.

For example, In the pristine worldview of Africa, child abuse was absent and there was no need for feminism.

Abrahamic religions Introduced the idea of women being an afterthought by the tale of God creating the woman out of Man’s ribs and as a result gave birth to patriarchy, as well as child abuse by saying that we must not “spare the rod so as not to get the child to “spoil”.

In western societies, having discovered the ills of child abuse, they have since expunged that aspect of the religion they partly used to exploit our people and established proper rules and regulations, as well as systems for taking care of their women and children, whilst passing down a destructive version of feminism that is counterproductive to African societies.

The rising cases of divorce as well as the growing number of children you see on the streets of Africa hawking today are, in my opinion, the direct consequence of capitalism at its apotheosis in a socialist inclined society.

To modernize will never equate the need to Develop. Development focuses on people and modernization focuses on things.

There is a clear difference for the conscious citizen to see and understand the subtle lines.

In all that has to do with man, things must never take preponderance over people.

African leaders must begin to rethink the continent and its original ideas in line with the thoughts of our ancestors who were actually the first to walk, work and water this planet.

Western Ideas will never develop Africa as their worldviews are fundamentally incompatible to the nature and nurture of our peoples.

That is why the elite who are largely working on the programming of western imperialists have failed to develop Africa despite their increasing number at multinational and multilateral institutions , as well as ivy league colleges.

They know all the western theories but do not know the African people.

The best this counterproductive and foreign ideologies will do is to modernize the continent . It is clear that It can never ever develop us.

To have a society that is modern even though it has failed to develop, is like having a world that is built on the value of things without the preponderance given to the man.

Guess what?

The man will eventually destroy such a world.

The question on your mind right now as you read this may very well be: How then do we develop our society?

  1. We need to panafricanize our education. For the avoidance of doubt, this is not the displacement of relevant technology and tools, but the adaptation of same to our worldview.
  2. We need to regulate religion properly and reduce state patronage of religious institutions. Religion should be a very private matter and state matters should dominate public life.
  3. We need to relegate English to a National Language and make the dominant local languages the official languages in their respective zones and reflect same on our profile as a country.
  4. African countries must unite in continental trade to defend themselves against imperial forces that are bent on ensuring the continual subjugation of the continent to their own ambitions.

To end this note, I leave you with this question:

How van an African child be selling banana and groundnut on the streets in 2020 and effectively compete with a European child in 2050 in the art and science of development?

My name is Ayo Moses Ogedengbe and I am a Marketing & Brand Story Strategist driven by Social Justice and Minimalism. When I am not working, I use the hash tag #AFRITHINK to challenge the consciousness of Africans and call them to rise to the occasion, so as to protect our unborn children from the ills of imperialism that has been holding us back for more than 400 years.

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